Fried Harddrive?

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Fried Harddrive?

Postby Moose » Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:59 am

Right. So I was on vacation for two weeks. Before I left, I shut down my computer, and switched off the power supply for good measure. When I got back and attempted to boot, I got to the profile selection (XP) and logged on to my account. It loaded my desktop, then promptly locked up and crashed.

I tried to boot it again, this time it connected to the internet and Windows updated itself. So I tried to boot Trillian, which is installed on my slave harddrive. It says the .exe can't be found. I poke around with some other stuff and it crashes again.

Anyway, after many reboots, I manage to determine that the computer is no longer recognizing that the slave harddrive is formatted or has any files on it. It registers as being there, but any attempt to access it prompts me to reformat it, which isn't ideal, since I have 100 gigs of games/music/schoolwork/etc on it.

The computer is also slower in general, I assume because it's trying to find files on the slave drive that it can't access.

Anyone have any ideas?
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