Alternative 6v6 Method

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Alternative 6v6 Method

Postby Tirion » Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:24 pm

I haven't seen anything similar to this, but I haven't really looked. I found out that if a building damages a unit spawned very close to the building, owned by one of the neutral slots, and has below 60% health, other neutral units will no longer run from that building. So I call this on all my buildings:
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function FlagBuilding takes unit u returns nothing
    local unit dummy = CreateUnit(Player(12),'h000',GetUnitX(u),GetUnitY(u),0)
    call SetUnitState(dummy,UNIT_STATE_LIFE,5)
    call UnitDamageTargetBJ( u, dummy, 1.00, ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL )
    call RemoveUnit(dummy)
    call UnitAddAbility(u,'A001')
    set dummy = null

Here's the test map:
Hurrah, it works, but I'm currently using a modified phoenix fire (A001) to make the enemy units attack the buildings (they only attack buildings that attack them), and I need a better way because the buffs flash like crazy. Any ideas?
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