How should i go about coding these things?

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How should i go about coding these things?

Postby Drain_Pipe » Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:03 am

So I want to make an ability where by hero throws out a spinning projectile (hero pit lord weapon). Now for collision, this isn't really a sphere but rather a rotating line. Every time it passes through enemies it would deal damage. Also, it can spin at a controllable and varying speed. Right now, I've made the model for the projectile and spin it manually using triggers. This way I know the collision line and model line up perfectly. However, i could, instead, add a spin animation, but I'm wondering if it is worth it to do it that way.

I also have another question, this one is 2 parts and is sort of modelling and triggering and related to the first (this is using a modified pit lord model):

For the previously mentioned ability, when my hero casts it, he loses the weapon in his hand until the missile comes back. Now I worked around this by removing the weapon and making a special effect of it instead. The only problem is that there is interference with the model when he runs (on the original model, the weapon slides down and both hands grasp it properly, but with the version using the attachment, it stays in the same place on his one hand, and his other goes through the blade)

With this in mind I thought of 2 solutions to fix the aesthetic dilema:
1) Perhaps find a method of modifying the attachment point to move properly for that animation or
2) split the animations on the model to have 2 separate forms and try to switch the forms between casts

so my questions are:

1) Can I even modify the attachment point to move down for the specific animation?
2) Is there a way to smoothly shift between 2 alternate forms without it showing or being obvious and without resetting ability cooldowns?


I was able to modify the weapon attachment point but it's kinda shitty where weapon buffs appear now.
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