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questions about knockback system

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:45 am
by Drain_Pipe
So, with the help of some people, i was able to make a fairly accurate knockback system that incorporates the ability to send units through the air if they fly off a cliff or high spot of terrain, as well as keep them from climbing cliffs and such.

Anyways, the thing works fine, though I have a problem with 2 things. 1, i use "setunitx" and "setunity" to move the units, a function which makes it look awsome, but it allows the units to go through everything. I've worked out terrain problems, but now how do I get it to not go through units? and i don't want to use setUnitLoc, because that opens up new problems on its own.

second thing is i want to use this system with projectiles as well, as to get every MOVING thing into one system. However, some projectiles will deal a knockback effect, so how do I incorporate that in or do i have to create a separate "system" to control projectiles as well?