Clan Guide On Personal Hygene.

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Clan Guide On Personal Hygene.

Postby ii_AgEmO » Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:36 pm


Get dirty.

In order to properly cheese the dirt's main base, you must first go to the item shop, purchase shampoo, Towel with a ( :{ ) face, some manly liquid gel, plastic hair cover, and crabs B gone.

One your inventory is full, use an air ship to drop into the bathtub, and regenerate your health at the fountain. Begin by attacking the lower base, once you're in position, use you shampoo and manly liquid gel to increase damage, and give your "heros" a cooling sensation.

After you've destroyed the main Cannon tower, use crabs B gone so you can move onto the next base, wearing your italian mustasche face towel.... loosely.
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