The Eternal Drama of the Pixel

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The Eternal Drama of the Pixel

Postby RageAgainstVoid » Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:54 pm

Since I have been once again banned from a liberal arts forum, I will at least share here my response.
The following will not make much sense to you guys here, but I figured, since there is not much else going on, you may enjoy a little drama for fun.
Because it can be kinda fun watching other people get all worked up over shit you don't really care about yourself. So ready your popcorn:

The whole talk about a "new direction", spearheaded by the shining Knight, is laughable.
Even in the recent years was Pixelation a place of learning, discussion and support for each other.
as much as you could possibly hope for. Nothing of what they declare now is a "change" to what was already there.

The only difference is that now certain individuals suddenly feel compelled to contribute once again after years of abstinence.
That's very nice. But there was no necessity for "restructuring" and pretentious speeches to make this happen,
Just buckle up and do something useful, like other regular people have in recent years.

We really don't need this lecture on what proper learning and discussion is,
or that it's good to help others. That are no revolutionary new insights.
It happened a plenty in the meantime by others without the virtue signaling.
People that did not abandon the virtues of Pixelation like the new "saviors" did.

The Slack/Discord was no detriment to that, they didn't take away from each other.
they were for different aspects, but that doesn't mean for mutually exclusive aspects.
Because the human being is a complete package, and every topic is full of various facets,
and every human community to any topic is more complex than one single mode of being.
And all these different ways have something in common, something to share, a mutual benefit of coexistence.
How many of the insightful articles posted later, were first born in the casual and playful conversations between people?

Art is both, serious learning and free fun of life. A real community has a place for both.
Even a real School has places for students to take breaks between classes,
talk with each other off the record, about school, teachers, subjects, life,
in a more informal manner, before it goes back to being all serious and dry.
There is not a Supervisor controlling every corner for proper conduct in between.

The human is no machine, not even in learning. It's not just about sanctioned facts. There is much unsupervised play.
Most of all an artist should understand that. There is not just the Lecture of the Great Master to learn from.

Furthermore, there is some level of drama inherent to any community that is active.
There is always some back and forth, in every topic, no matter the persons involved.
At all times pixel art itself was full of heavy drama between conservatives and liberals,
or any other line of devision to a given problem on even the purest subject matter.
There is tension in disagreements, and disagreements are part of life.
That's how it's always been, Pixelation or otherwise,
that's how it always will be, if there is any life in it.
To remove the chat so to "remove the drama" is nonsense.

It's about a proper culture of dealing with differences, not eliminating differences.

It's ridiculous to see in every tension an inacceptable drama,
yet at the same time stab people behind the scenes about bagatelle.
All those complaining about drama now, are pretentious as all hell.
They've always been themselves in the middle of it somewhere,
on a matter that they felt was important to them.
But of course it's only drama if it's important to others.
Personally, I actually agree that there is too much drama.
Though in its most pathetic and damaging form
it's coming from those now posing as enlightened.

Well, the official narrative seems to settle on:
These are the bad boyz who do nothing but shitpost without contributing any merit,
and now the "great change" comes from the benevolent angels above, who care about others in an act of great self-sacrifice.
Of course, the heaven on earth can only come by expelling all these devils that ruined it meanwhile. That's how it looks, right.

But when you argue for getting rid of the Discord from Pixelation,
you may as well argue getting rid of the Chatterbox on PixelJoint,
just because the Chatterbox is not like the WIP forum.

Even if some actually would like that too:
that is just their own opinion as well. Other members may think different.
That's not something simply for the mods to decide among themselves to "avoid drama".
That's not something to decide just for a few members who don't like it, either.
Believe it or not, other people actually have something to say on that too,
people who were part of both and have done many contributions to the community,
which actually gives them a stake and claim if you want to at least maintain the pretense of "community".

Rather, the great prophet exclaims what Pixelation means to him personally, some fervent followers applaud,
and that's how Pixelation ought to be now for everyone. No one needs your negativity or drama. Shut up and Be gone.
I mean, it's certainly well within their right, as a privately held institution to just forfeit other people's investments.
Good to know. A bit late to realize. Could have saved some efforts. But at least now we know. Better late than never, I suppose.

It really is a theater:
Suddenly exactly all those fellas that have abandoned Pixelation for years, in favor of hanging out in social media,
now come explaining the real spirit of Pixelation to those people that still made exactly these contributions in the meantime:
in-depth critiques and discussions on pixel art. -- while also hanging out with each other in more informal ways at the same time.
It's really funny to listen to guys who have barely put up any thorough thoughts in years, explain to those that did now how that works,
or who never bothered sharing their work there anymore, or have stopped advancing any developments, for such a long time,
suddenly portray themselves as Avant Garde for a deeper sophistication compared to all the other chimps on the net.
What a charade. It's perfectly clear what this is really about. Smokes and mirrors.
Nein, nein, nein! Do not be so little! When I say answer it, I mean respond to it, to Them.
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Re: The Eternal Drama of the Pixel

Postby RageAgainstVoid » Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:03 pm

Yeah, it is their dishonesty that hurts them most. Themselves and everyone they pretend to want help.
Whether they appear nice or not: it helps no one because of their fundamental dishonesty.

Their own evaluation is biased towards what they want the world to be, not what it is.
And their greatest sin is leaving their wards unprepared to what the world really is.

All you have to do to reveal their pretenses is go to old entries in the gallery or old threads in the forum,
and you see the same as in any prosperous community today on any other thing:

The reality of life, full of strife and also fun, full of differences, rubbing on another, heat and passion,
courage to face each other, wrestling, progress and developments arising with another,
and actual diversity, on all possible dimensions and directions and disagreements.

A people so very different to the sanctuary remnants today, for whom their peace is bought with cold murder.
A people that felt very strongly about the work of pixel art, and spoke their mind openly and upfront to the point.
A people that are all gone, because nothing of what is now interests them, especially because it is not about living pixel art.
It is about an atmosphere of calm death. And all that remains is the delusion that this is for the better, of themselves and the art.

What is just toxic, what is helpful even if challenging. What is progress what regress.
What is pixel art or not. What is contribution. What is success and why in where.
in all their judgment speaks only dishonesty, only senseless reversal.
Because the real truth is, it is for them that pixel art itself matters least.
And gladly they would destroy it, if only it meant addressing their real concern:


The delusion of going forward, but from so far behind of what once was,
that the only way to progress seems to regress from their own point of view.
They speak for no one but their fewer selves among even the few.

And it helps no one. It just doesn't.
It just hurts. with a warm smile.
and a dagger in the back of
who is not smiling
at the false game.

I am also reminded of the issue in the Linux scene.
Linus Torvalds is known to have a pretty harsh tongue among his own community, and does not spare controversial opinions.
But the thing is, he makes the right decisions and he is very principled and moral where it matters.
Most of all he is just honest. Blunt maybe. tough. But honest. No less to his own being.
And ultimately believes that doing good on the development does better for humanity.

On the other hand, you have pretentious scumbags like Richard Stallman and the foundation of his gang.
Who sound very nice and moral, and indeed that's all they talk about, but do all the shitty decisions and dubious activities.
For those, Open Source really is just a vehicle for Marxism, stepping over bodies if necessary,
while for Torvalds it really is about fostering creation and community.
Not world peace. Just community, in all its rough reality.

But of course, there is always a way to "turn it around", especially for Marxist. And the result is only failure. and injustice.

Torvalds also talks some politics and life, more or less as is meaningful for the development. A person comes as a package.
Your work sure is indivisible from your own philosophy and character. But in the end it is the work that matters.
And it does, regardless of whether you like him or not. And although he most likely does not like you,
he is a good person, he does good, even to you, in ways you don't understand anymore,
because you are irredeemably bad, and only you don't understand that anymore.
Nein, nein, nein! Do not be so little! When I say answer it, I mean respond to it, to Them.
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Re: The Eternal Drama of the Pixel

Postby RageAgainstVoid » Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:02 am

I actually do think a community should be a place that brings people together that are unlikely to meet otherwise.
I even mean that are unlikely to consider hanging out, because that's usually not the kind they'd hang with.
Not prevent them from meeting. Of course it is difficult. But that's the point. it's important.
Through the common interest in the subject, they start to get used to each other.
The subject serves as bridge between unlikely people.

This is different from social media hang outs. People are very picky there, which has the bubble effect.
In a dedicated hang out specific to a community, unlikely people are more likely to engage.

Even for a regular school, you could argue, why offer informal activity/places,
the students can take care of it themselves after school, but that's not the point.
The campus brings people together that wouldn't otherwise come together.
And that's not the downside, that's the whole point. It's important.
That's one of its most important functions. It's part of the learning.
That they figure out a way to deal with each other, and work together on a subject.
Nothing is more important for bringing peace and prosperity, and nothing prepares them better for life.
Different people don't just go away because you block them out here or there.
The problem they pose doesn't go away. You have to figure out how to deal with each other.
And it starts by allowing people to be themselves, yet adapt to each other,
through coming into contact by a common interest.

The common subject is supposed to bridge the differences, not make the difference.
But it starts first by accepting the difference. And then bridging it by subject.

I can't imagine anything more harmful, than the current culture of clean avoidance.
It's an illusion, and it doesn't solve anything. It doesn't help. It doesn't do shit.
All it does is make people ever more sensitive and allergic to each other.

All it brings is war. and death. What else do you think it brings:
"if only this sort of person were gone, we'd have peace".
Nein, nein, nein! Do not be so little! When I say answer it, I mean respond to it, to Them.
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